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A place where you can discover and learn the craft of floristry. Browse our calendar for Group Floral Workshops, or book a Bespoke 1-2-1 or Online Mentoring Workshop.

Our Flower School exists to help you kick-start a career change or to simply scratch that floral itch.

Bespoke 1-2-1 Workshops

Blume’s workshops are tailored to teach you specific skills and knowledge within the floral industry. In a relaxed and inspiring environment, you’ll use the best floral ingredients from local growers and the market and learn all there is to know about modern floral techniques. Whether you’re looking to see if floristry is the career for you, or you’re just wanting to brush up on your bouquet making skills, we're here to help.Booking a 1-2-1 workshop means you’ll get the opportunity to learn how to approach floral design in the same manner that Blume create their signature arrangements. You’ll play with flowers in a relaxed and personalised environment, and it’s a great opportunity to chat to Elspeth about how she started her business, her tips and tricks, and anything in between.We'll be there to guide you from stem-to-stem and quietly admire from the sidelines once you feel comfortable to begin your own designs. All materials will be provided, as well as tea, coffee, and biscuits. We'll have around an hour for lunch so please feel free to bring something with you. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and we can begin tailoring the workshop to you.

Online Mentoring

Our online mentoring workshops exist to teach you how to start, run, and build a floristry business from the ground up.You'll learn some of the fundamental skills that our founder, Elspeth, has gained over the years of building Blume in an industry that is incredibly competitive and with minimal business experience.

What You'll Learn

Charge your worth and make a profitSave time in calculating your pricing and how not to over orderWin new business by creating show-stopping proposals. Create beautiful colour palettes and work with an online webshop. Getting to grips with seasonal availability, and how to communicate that to your customers.

What It Includes

This workshop will last approximately 2 hours and will be held via Skype.During this session, we'll share and talk through our 'Floral Bible': the ultimate time-saver for any florist. It includes:Our bespoke floral calculator, which we use on a daily basis to help support and run our business. A floral ingredient shopping listJob outgoings such as labour, mileage, and materialsInstant profit summary estimationWe’ll also talk through how we analyse each arrangement and job to support our future proposal writing and calculations, as well as show you how we create our price cost estimates and proposals. Not to mention, we'll also dive into how to choose the perfect floral blend for the a showstopping colour palette.

What It Costs

2 Hour Skype Workshop - £125

Floral Bible Template - £150

Combined Offer: 2 Hour Skype Workshop & Floral Bible Template - £225