Becoming Blume

It has been a busy few months getting to the point where I can finally announce Blume to the world! When building a business, developing the branding, the tone of voice, it takes a lot of time and man power…so I’ve recently found out.

When I decided on the name ‘Blume’ I was worried as there are lots of amazing florists with ‘Bloom’ in their name and I thought, is this going to get me noticed, is it different enough?! I worked with Creative Consultant Kerrie Kent whom I’d had the pleasure of working with in my Fashion Buying days, to develop my colour palette, logo, graphics and so on. She reminded me that Blume was meaningful to me.


Blume means ‘flower’ in both German and Scottish Gaelic. I have both German and Scottish heritage so this felt personal to me, whilst being pretty obvious about what my business does.

Kerrie and I went back and forth several times trying to develop the perfect brand feel. I knew I wanted something bold but stylish. I personally think she nailed it.

blume florist kent
blume florist kent wedding flowers

I can’t wait to show you what Blume has coming up - keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Elspeth x