Spring Flower Inspiration: Blume Favourites

We adore spring, and spring flowers are some of the most beautiful; in our humble opinion of course. From Tulips to Peonies, here you'll find our list of the flowers we love the most in spring. Hopefully, it can give you a little bit of inspiration around what to flowers you might like to use in any upcoming events, or to simply style the home with.


Tulips are probably one of the most recognisable Spring flowers. Known for their array of colours, they come in so many shapes and sizes. At Blume, we particularly like parrot tulips with its frilly edges. These La Belle Epoque are a florist favourite with its caramel and deep pink tones. When using them in our arrangements, we like them to be a few days old so they’ve had time to open. Sometimes we will reflex the petals for a more modern feel.

When are tulips in season?

Tulip season runs from the end of March until mid May, but the flowers are usually at their best halfway through April. You can usually start buying tulips from the wholesaler from January time, sometimes even December. The earlier you buy flowers which aren’t in season, the more expensive they will be. When flowers are in their peak of availability, the cheaper they will be.

favourite spring flower tulip favourite spring flower tulip favourite spring flower tulip

Image credit: Pinterest


These big blousy blooms have got to be an all time Blume favourite. The soft and frilly petals are a dream to work with and add an elegant and luxurious feel to our arrangements. Ranunculus take a few days to fully bloom but when they do, they can last for days. We also adore Butterfly Ranunculus. Butterfly by name, butterfly by nature, they add the perfect gesture to low level table flowers.

When are ranunculus in season?

Ranunculus season in the UK is generally around April and lasts for around 8 weeks - weather depending. As a cut flower, they are usually available from November/December through to May/June.

favourite spring flower ranunculus favourite spring flower ranunculus favourite spring flower ranunculus
Image credits: Floret and Pinterest


We love anemones for their soft floaty petals but also for their hard contrasting centres. Most famous is probably the white anemone but they are also available in array of different colours from deep purples, bright pinks and you can even get dyed anemone from some growers now. Generally quite a hardy flower, they sometimes need encouragement to open, but boy when they do, they’re a show stopper.

When are Anemone in season?

In the UK depending on when they are planted, they bloom from early Spring to late. As a cut flowers from the wholesaler, florists can buy anemones in November/December time, right through to May.

favourite spring flower anemone favourite spring flower anemonefavourite spring flower anemone  

Image Credit: Pinterest, Floret, Floxie Moxie


It wouldn’t be Spring without peonies now would it? These are the definition of blousy. These flowers are unassuming in bud form, but when they flower they are definitely the showstopper. Available in so many different colours nowadays, our favourite though is probably the ever-evolving Coral Charm. If taken care of, they’ll last for a couple of weeks…starting red, and slowly finishing as a pale cream.

When are Peonies in season?

Peak season for peonies are between May and June, with some availability in April and July. Either side of peak season, peonies are extremely expensive so if you request them in your wedding flowers, expect to pay a premium. When not in season, florists may need to order around a week in advance to allow them to fully bloom.

favourite Spring flower peony favourite Spring flower peony favourite Spring flower peony

Image Credit: Pinterest, Lihmil, Blume


We love Fritillaria for its checker board petals and bright yellow centres. Delicate and light, it makes for the perfect gesture in our arrangements. We especially love its hook shape as it often contrasts with the other flowers we like to use. It is somewhat limited in its colour-ways, but we love to combine with pastel pinks and deep burgundies. If looking ultra droopy, sometimes we will snip the stem, pop it into boiling hot water for a second or two, then plunge into deep cold water. This shocks the stem into standing up right so they look nice and perky in our displays.

When is Fritillaria in season?

Most commonly available between the months of March and May. 

favourite Spring flower fritallia favourite Spring flower fritallia favourite Spring flower fritallia

Image credits: Pinterest

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