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5 Stylish Dried Flower Arrangements for the Home

With everyone spending far more time at home, we’ve seen a huge upward trend in home styling; and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. 
From weekly fresh flower deliveries to small dried bouquets and home decors, discovering new curiosities can go a long way to giving your home a relaxed, healthy atmosphere. When working from home is your norm, this is a hugely important style aspect to consider. 
Fresh flowers and plants are an obvious choice to brighten up dark rooms or small office spaces, but we want you to consider dried flowers, too. They can be a living room feature, a piece of artwork, or even just something to make your home office desk look a bit more exciting for your Zoom background. 
Here, we’ll take you through 5 stylish dried flower arrangement ideas that are perfect for the home — all year round. 

Dried flower wreaths

Wreaths are obviously synonymous with the festive season. Whether large or small, they’re usually hearty arrangements made from evergreens such as pine or holly. Those dark greens radiate Christmas to us. 
The dried flower wreath, however, is a totally different concept and one that we want you to consider as a year-round home-styling option. They can be elegant, light, and accent a room perfectly during spring and summer when used correctly. Here are some examples:

Small dried wreaths

Small wreaths that utilise flowers that, when dried, turn to pale, pastile colours such as Honesty (Lunaria) are perfect for adorning a bedroom door.

To us, these just shout spring, but they’re beautiful as a permanent simple decorative addition. It’s super common to work from your bedroom, especially for anyone living in shared accommodation or an expensive London flat, so don’t forget to give your bedroom a bit of interior styling love.

Eco-friendly wreaths

It’s worth mentioning that most festive wreaths that you buy will be madeusing floral foam, which is a petro-chemical and doesn’t break down in landfill (basically it’s plastic). Whenever we design a wreath using fresh flowers, we will always use eco-friendly moss.

Happily, you can 100% make a wreath that lasts all year using only dried flowers; and doesn’t destroy the planet. This wreath above, for example, utilises a more autumnal colour palette thanks to gorgeous white statice and preserved foliage that have turned copper. Hang this in your living room to give a cosy vibe throughout the winter months.

Dried Hydrangea Wreath Dried Flower Search Dried Flower Wreath

Image Credits: Blume

Framed dried flowers 

OK, so more artwork than an arrangement. Nevertheless, framed dried flowers, when ‘done right’, can offer that something unique to any living space. You can easily make these at home, too:jump into YouTube and you’ll find a host of quality how-to's. 

In our opinion, we love dried greenery that has been framed, such as ferns. They’re a bit more elegant and modern than the more traditional flowers you’d see in a shadowbox, such as roses, for example. A framed dried fern would be perfect to sit on your desk next to your morning coffee. 

Dried Frame Flowers Dried Frame Flowers Framed Dried Flowers

Image credits: Blume, Etsy, Pinterest

Dried flower arrangements for floor vases 

When it comes to vase size for a dried flower bouquet, it really depends on the flowers you choose. Pampas grass, for example, can both be tall and short depending on where the stem has been cut, so you need to consider the room you have available and the vase you want to use. 
We love using floor vases at the moment for dried flowers, featuring beautiful long stems of dyed pink pampas grass and orange pampas grass, as well as natural. They are so simple yet so effective in giving any room a touch of luxury, especially where you entertain as the brightly coloured pampas grass is oh-so eye-catching. Of course, they’re equally lovely in a small vase on the bedside table, too. You can check out our vase range in our homewares collection. 

Dried Flowers Floor Vase Dried Pampas Floor Vase Dried Pampas Vase
Image credits: The Interiors Edit, Pinterest, Etsy 

Dried flower arrangements for the fireplace

Fireplaces don’t need to be used all year round, but they’re usually the feature of a living space. Consider, then, utilising the space around the fireplace by adorning it with a beautiful statement of dried florals during the warmer months when the fireplace isn’t in use. 

This is a chance to really get creative with home styling, exploring different colour palettes to suit your current interior design. This is where our luxury dried Blume Bunches can really come into their own, as we’ll make a beautiful, bespoke dried floral arrangement to suit your exact requirements. So if you’re in the market for something a bit creative or to breathe some colour around your fireplace, we can help.

Dried Fireplace Flower Arrangements  Dried Fireplace Flower Arrangements Dried Fireplace Flower Arrangements

Unique dried flower wall-hanging installations

The amazing thing about dried flowers is their ability to last between 1-3 years under the right conditions. This gives you the flexibility to make some really wonderful creative decisions regarding interior styling. Perhaps most commonly found in local coffee shops, pubs, and venues, the dried flower wall-hanging installation can be just incredible in the right home. 

We’ve done our fair share of these installations, from weddings to photoshoots, and every time our clients take them home to install in their homes; the most beautiful thing about dried flowers is that theylast

Wall-hanging installations are certainly something we would recommend a florist undertakes, though. This would be something that you would want to keep for as long as possible, and so curating the installation with the right types of flowers is essential. Your local florist is the one who can help you with that. 

If you’re feeling like dried flowers is something you want to explore more of, then head to our portfolio and scroll through our work to give you a bit of further inspo. 

If you’re feeling inspired already, however, then please check out our collection of dried flower bouquets and all the various and wonderful types of dried florals we stock either in our online collection, or by visiting our Earlsfield store

If dried florals are your thing, then you can also peruse our dried flower introductory guide, which is filled with everything you need to know about this gorgeous type of floristry. 

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