Flowers & Plants

We’ve seen a huge demand for dried pampas grass since we opened our stores in 2020, and for good reason. Love it or hate it, dried pampas is incredibly versatile when it comes to home decor and interior styling. 

There’s also plenty of choice when it comes to picking up a bunch of dried pampas grass, from natural ecru hues to dyed sunburst orange and vivid reds. Extra fluffy, short or tall, pampas grass has become a styling staple in the home, and we want to take you through everything you need to know about this trendy dried flower. And yes, we’ll touch on the swinging. Read on. 

Reach our top tips in how to create your own dried flower bunch. Our dried flower bunches have been designed to work together. In this blog we talk through the fundamentals in how to design and choose the right dried flowers for you.

With everyone spending far more time at home, we’ve seen a huge upward trend in home styling; and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. rom weekly fresh flower deliveries to small dried bouquets and home decors, discovering new curiosities can go a long way to giving your home a relaxed, healthy atmosphere. When working from home is your norm, this is a hugely important style aspect to consider. 
At Blume, we love styling with dried flowers. Sustainable and incredibly on-trend, they really allow us to get creative in our workshop and at home. There’s more to them than you might initially think, however. From the sheer amount of choice available to understanding different methods of drying, we want to share our knowledge on dried flowers — all wrapped up in this introductory guide.